What’s in season?


What’s seasonal at the farm this month?

The College Farm produces over 50 types of fruits and vegetables, and places a strong emphasis on plant diversity.  By creating a bio-diverse agricultural landscape, we help minimize the presence of unwanted diseases and work with the resources on hand to sustain a balanced ecosystem.  GATHER menus reflect both fresh ingredients grown on our farm, preserved items from our fields as well as quality products from area farmers.

Our November Dinner Menu with

Sean Sherman

First Course

Wild Turkey and Blackberry Pemmican with wild rice flatbread and micro amaranth

Second Course

Nixtmalized Flint Corn with smoked trout in a crab apple broth and topped with dried apples and corn shoots

Third Course

Pine Braised Venison with caramelized turnips, hazelnuts, and dandelion greens in an elderberry broth

Fourth Course

Sun Seed Tart made with acorn flour, roasted winter squash, maple syrup, and fresh berries


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